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Snacks–our afterschool treats!


This year I have tried to have a snack out for my girls when they come home from school.  It is funny how quickly they adapted to this as one day I did not have anything out and my youngest said “Mom, where is our snack?” just as soon as we walked in the door.  (Of course I replied “In the pantry!”.)

The snacks are mainly just a way of letting my kids know that I’ve been thinking about then and anticipating their arrival.  It is fun to hear their reaction on days when it is something a little special.

Below I’ve shared some pictures I’ve taken of a few of our snacks this fall.

First Day of School Snack- cookies!

This snack included three kinds of cookies….two were Joe Corbis’ “throw down” cookies as I call them (frozen dough) and then I made chocolate chip cookies that afternoon as I know they are a family favorite.  The flip flop notepads I purchased back in June to give the girls when school ended but forgot about them.  I found them right at the end of summer and decided to give them to them as a summer-ending kind of thing.


Ah, Rice Krispie treats….who doesn’t love these?

I can’t make Rice Krsipie treats without thinking of those commercials with the mom throwing flour on her face to make it look like she has slaved and labored over the preparation of these treats.  They really are easy to make…not sure why I don’t do it more often.


A little bit of everything: Store-bought cookies, Grapes, and Homemade Gingerbread

We love those Lofthouse cookies from the grocery store but  no one needs to eat a ton of them in one sitting.  So we matched them up with some other treats for this after school snack.


Strawberry Jam and Saltines

My Mom used to have this snack ready for us.  It is a little sweet and a little salty—perfect!


Apple Spice Drop Cookies and Pear Slices

My Daughter #1 loves these cookies.  I was making dinner for a friend and needed a dessert so I was able to kill two birds with one stone this day—snack and dessert.  The pears were just as popular though with the daughter #1 and #2.  They can’t get enough pears this fall.


A quick Halloween treat!

It was fun to hear the girls react to this snack when they came into the dining room.  They were so excited and impressed.  The best news is that it takes absolutely no baking and hardly any time to make these seasonal treats.  I saw them last year in a Food Network magazine and pulled the page out to keep.  You simply need Nutter Butter cookies, marshmallow fluff and black decorating gel.  So easy and so fun.  And yes, they did eat the pears that were on the tray too!

Now, I didn’t photo the box of cheez-its (cheddar jack), the bowls of goldfish, nor the snack mix….those are some of our go-to snacks around here.  The main thing is just having something ready for them when they come in the door.  It is my non-verbal way of saying “Hey, I’ve been looking forward to you being home…let’s catch up over a snack.”