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Read to Succeed this Summer!


Summer is here and for our family that means trips to the library for stacks and stacks of books.  My girls love to read!

One perk of living where we do is all the libraries.  We have five libraries we like to visit and the furthest only takes about 15 minutes (of course that one is our favorite!).

I want to share four facts I found in a Scholastic magazine in regards to summer reading:

  1. All it takes is Four.  If you want your kids to avoid the summer slide in reading skills, then make sure they read at least four chapter books or eight picture books this summer.
  2. Let them choose. 91% of kids are more likely to finish books they choose themselves.
  3. Top of the Tests. Kids who read a million words (25 average length novels) a year score in the top 2% on standardized tests.
  4. Big Vocabularies. Kids learn 4,000-12,000 new words every year by reading.  So three months without books could make a huge difference.

Now here are some of my own tips!

  1. Pick a chapter book to read together.  My kids love this.  It allows me to read something that is a bit over their reading level and expose them to new words and phrasings.  It also gives us some quality time together snuggled up on the sofa!  We have enjoyed reading Judy Moody, Clementine, and Stink books.
  2. Books on CD. These are fun to have as you run errands, drive a long road trip, or for “room time” when kids are resting.  These are also great for increasing vocabularies too as kids can listen to books that would be too difficult for them to read.
  3. Pick some great picture books on topics to which you want to expose your kids.  If you are local, the Marple Library has a wonderful selection of kids non-fiction.  I like to get biographies and read them to my kids.
  4. Use the family dinner time to talk about your reading adventures.  It is important for kids to be able to give a synopsis of what they have read telling who, what when, where, why type of things.  What better way for them to learn than to see and hear it modeled at the dinner table by you!

Enjoy your summer and and I hope reading will be included in your recipe for a successful summer!