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A fun book for kids


It is no secret that I love History, after all I was an 8th grade U.S. History teacher for several years and then went to work for a social studies publisher.  So I’m always on the look out for great books about history to share with my kids.  They have grown up reading (or being read to as the case may be) non-fiction books.  I love books that help keep history fun and I want to tell you about one that just hit the shelf.

Recently I had the pleasure of reading the new book What Does the President Look Like? by Jane Hampton Cook. In her book, Jane walks us through how the title question would be answered for Washington through Obama.  From portraits to hand-held smart phones, technology has come a long way and Jane leads the reader through in a light and engaging way.

I read the book to my two girls, ages 5  and 8  and they both enjoyed it.  My 8-year-old liked the surprising facts included with each page spread and the illustrations (she is my budding artist!).  She also thought the Kennedy-Nixon debate results were interesting (radio vs television).  My 5-year-old liked hearing about the different presidents and then wanted me to read all the presidents names found at the back of the book. Throughout the book Jane also gives us insight into how various technologies work.  My girls were interested in the stereographs!

This is a fun book- full of information and perfect for Presidents’ Day that is just around the corner.  Check it out on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble!

Another fun fact—I know the author!  My girls and I read the book sitting on the same sofa that Jane and her family have also sat on when visiting us.  Jane and her husband Kim are friends of ours from Texas that now live in Virginia.  We don’t get to visit them enough but they are the kind of friend that you pick back up with the moment you see each other and then long for more time to visit when it is time to go.  It has been fun to see Jane take off as an author and speaker.