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Leprechaun Candy


Here is something quick and easy to do this week in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.


All you need are

  • grapes and
  • a box of lime jello.

Wash your grapes and then place them in a ziploc bag.

Pour in the Lime Jello.

Shake the bag (close it and seal it first, of course!) until the grapes are nicely coated.

Place the grapes in the refrigerator for an hour before serving.

They taste kind of like sour patch candies.

And no…I didn’t make this up—I found it on Pinterest!  (


Dr. Seuss and Texas


Tomorrow is March 2 and it is a fun and historic day.  Dr. Seuss was born on March 2, 1904 and another great birth to celebrate on March 2 is Texas Independence Day (1836).

We might start our morning off with some green eggs and ham to honor Dr. Seuss and then with some yummy Texas foods (Dr. Pepper, Ranch Style Beans, Fajitas, or some chili—no beans of course for authentic Texas flare!) later for dinner.

My first grader came home with a fun website they looked at while in school: Your kids might enjoy it too.  Since my girls are out of school on Friday, we will be heading to the theater to see The Lorax movie.  On pinterest this week I found these fun little treats for Dr. Seuss celebrations:

Find these and more fun ideas at

I wish I could just head from the theater over to The Texican and grab a shredded chicken chimichanga with queso on top for dinner…but that won’t be possible since it is a 27 hour drive.  I will have to improvise here with some of the above mentioned food items.  Fortunately I have Ranch Style beans thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law that took advantage of the USPS’s “If it fits, it ships!”  I did find this new-to-me website and quickly flipped through it.  They seem to have many recipes that look to be a good representation of recipes for authentic Texas food. I also stumbled across this fun Texas History site for kids.

Whatever you do on Friday, enjoy your day!


A Day for Everything!


Ok, so I’m not sure what category this blog post will fit in, but I had to share this recent find with you.

There really is a day for everything!  I found this link to a “National Food Holidays” list via  The author searched the list to find some of the strangest National Food days out there.  I decided to mark my calendar with a few of them so we could celebrate.  I think “National Something on a Stick Day” looks to be one of my favorite.  That should be a fun dinner!

Today is National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day….so enjoy!