Party Punch—easy, easy, easy!


I recently needed an easy party punch as it was going to be too warm for cider at a holiday party.  I searched the internet up and down for a non-alcoholic and non-red punch.

That is a difficult combination—especially when you want it to also be easy and tasty.

However, I succeeded!  I found this recipe on  I love that it takes two ingredients so you can make more as needed.  I chilled the ingredients overnight in the refrigerator and mixed the first batch up just before the party.  Then when the punch bowl ran low, I just quickly mixed up the second round!  I would suggest having these two ingredients on hand along with your “throw-down” cookies from Trader Joe’s on hand through the holidays for those impromptu parties!

Easy Party Punch

  • 1 2-liter bottle of grapefruit soda, chilled (yes, they actually make this and I bought the 86¢ Wal-Mart brand soda!)
  • 1 64 fluid ounce bottle of White Grape Juice, chilled (I didn’t skimp on the juice though and bought name brand)

Mix the two together and serve.

I mixed in a one gallon pitcher and then poured it into the nicer pitcher that we used at the function.





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