Easy Apple Pie


This is a perfect fall day dessert.  I made it over the weekend to go with the Mamma Mia Stew and it too was a hit with the family!  I found the recipe on lifeasmom.com .  I did not make the “Gramma John’s Pie Crust” though.  I used the recipe that I make for Thanksgiving from Martha Stewart.

Get the recipe here for Slab Apple Pie.  I made a few changes like:

  • the crust I used.  I would have used a refrigerated crust if I had one but since I didn’t and I had everything for the Martha Stewart recipe I whipped those up and froze one crust to use at a later date.
  • instead of 6 apples I used more like 5.  My apples were fairly large so I think there were plenty of apples for everyone!  I only had fuji apples on hand and was not making a trip out.
  • no nuts.  My girls don’t really care for nuts so I didn’t include them.

Don’t forget to fire up the coffee pot when you take the pie out of the oven to cool.  It pairs perfectly with a nice cup of Joe!


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