Today I am 40!


Most of the world dreads a birthday.  Historically, I don’t get that worked up about them…it is just another day.  But this year I have looked forward to the changing of the decade.  I’m not sure why.  My 30s were good but I anticipate the 40s being even better.  I look forward to seeing what God will do.  40 is one of the numbers you hear about in the Bible.

40 days of rain

40 years of wandering  for the Israelites in the wilderness

40 days Jesus fasted in the wilderness.  Just to name a few and….

After the rain

came a rainbow.

After the wandering

came the Promised Land.

After Jesus was in the wilderness

he started his ministry here on Earth.

Good things are coming because God is working in all things.  I look forward to seeing Him work in and through me in this new decade of life!


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  1. You are my precious daughter. I love you. Mom
    Ps….When your daughter is 40….you will be 70……and yes, I know, I will be 92!

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