Treats to eat! Biscoff Pretzel Bites and Glazed Lemon Cookies


Tomorrow my girls will have the Poetry Cafe during their library time at school.  The “cafe” will have some treats for the students and parents so I asked the librarian if she needed me to contribute to the treats.  I knew the lemon glazed cookies, from Real Simple, would be easy (or should I say real simple–heheehee) to throw together and then I found these other fun treats, Biscoff Pretzel Bites, from Two Peas and Their Pod.

I had never heard of Biscoff Spread, but evidently it is a peanut butter alternative.  It looks a lot like peanut butter yet it has no peanuts in it.  They didn’t have it at my local grocery store but Wal-Mart had it and I believe that Trader Joe’s has something similar called “Speculoos Cookie Butter”.

The pretzel bites were fun to put together.  While the recipe says it takes 10 minutes to prepare, that is a bit misleading.  It takes 10 minutes to whip the filling together, but then you have to roll the dough, make the pretzel sandwich, freeze them, dip them and THEN you have actually prepared them!  Still though- they were easy and got smiley faces from each of my critics.

Here are some pictures from my afternoon baking adventure:

The "sandwiches" are ready for the freezer!

White chocolate and sprinkles---how can it not be good?!!!

Then, since I had some extra white chocolate for dipping and it was almost time for the girls to get home, I decided to try to make these tiny little banana splits for a special snack.  I found the idea on Pinterest and the picture there was way better than mine (no shocker there!).  But the smiles on the faces around the table didn’t care what they looked like—it was just the yummy factor that they cared about.

I cut up the banana, leaving the peel on.  Then carve out some of the banana with a small melon baller.  Peel the banana, dip in melted chocolate/sprinkles, fill the hole with some ice cream, top with whip cream and cherries and enjoy!

Dipped and ready for the ice cream and toppings!


I started filling them when I heard the bus on the street...I should have waited a wee bit longer as the girls have to walk just a little from the stop.


All smiles after she finished off her treat!



Then I made the glazed lemon cookies.

Glazed and ready for the cafe!




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