Broccoli and Garlic Pasta–AKA I haven’t been to the store…what do I have?


Monday I realized that I really didn’t have anything to feed my family.  I had not been to the grocery store in what seemed like eons and one child doesn’t like PB&J.  The other “go to” meal of corn dogs and Ranch Style beans had been our dinner on Sunday night…I was in a bit of a panic.

So I thought—pasta!  I can do that.  I quickly looked through my recipes and found several, but they all required more than a cup of milk….and remember I had NOT been to the store in eons and I only had one cup of milk left (yes, I measured to make sure).

Internet search to the rescue!

I had fresh broccoli (well semi-fresh) and I had pasta.  So I did a search and found this recipe.  It calls for penne pasta but I used farfalle.  It was a hit and even my girls ate it without complaint!

Broccoli and Garlic Penne Pasta

Prepare your 4 1/2 cups pasta (penne or farfalle) as directed on package, leaving out the salt.  I like it just cooked and not all the way cooked so that I can put it in the main dish and let it finish soaking up the flavor.

Mix together in a skillet:

  • 1 cup Chicken Broth (I’m sure vegetable broth would substitute just fine)
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried basil leaves
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 cups of broccoli flowerets (I will use more than this though next time…I think 4-5 cups giving about 1 cup per person)

Heat to a boil.

Cover and cook over low heat for 3 minutes or until broccoli is tender-crisp.

Add to the skillet:

  • 1 T lemon juice (I use the lemon juice you can keep in the refrigerator.)
  • cooked pasta
  • add a dash or two more of pepper and basil to taste

Toss to coat

Serve with grated Parmesan cheese or an Italian Blend cheese.

We also had club crackers, wheat thins, and carrots to round out our lunch that day.





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  1. Thank you!!! I am making this tonight. We have tons of grilled chicken leftover from last night. (I had to cook the whole 4lb pack , because I forgot to freeze it before the expiration!) I wasn’t sure what our side would be, and this will be perfect. I will definitely keep it on my list for our meat free nights too.

    Thanks again!


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