Through Christ Who Strengthens Me


I started reading Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman recently (thanks to my awesome SIL who purchased the book on sale for me at Lifeway and mailed it to me!).

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So far it has been a great book.  As I read last week, I realized something about my favorite scripture verse.  I can memorize song after song but actual scripture is difficult for me.  However, one that I have been able to know and give the reference for is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  I have said this verse numerous times throughout my life.  I can even play a song on the piano that the lyrics are just this verse.  It is a great verse.


I realized something after reading a portion of  “Grace for the Good Girl”; I have been focusing on the first words too much: I can do all things.  The “through Christ who strengthens me” part hasn’t been the emphasis in my life.

I have now revised the verse and in my head Philippians 4:13 now reads like this: I can’t do ANYTHING without Christ doing it through me.

Wow- I didn’t know how that realization was going to be needed so quickly.

This has been a super tough week for me.  God is so good and so kind even in the storms of life.  Friends have been right there for me.  God has been holding me and I am fully aware that I can’t do this without HIM.

He has been my shelter in the storm.  He has been peace.  He has been comfort.  I really can’t do anything without Him.

Third Day has a song called “Cry Out To Jesus”.    I haven’t been able to remember much of the song except the words and the tune to the portion that says “Cry Out to Jesus, Cry Out to Jesus”  Ya know…that is really all we have to remember.  When life is rosy and when life is rough, we can cry out to Jesus and He is right there for us.  I am so glad.

I just needed to share this revelation I had in case someone else is also trying to focus on the “I can” rather than the “Christ working/doing”


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  1. Hey Becki,

    I don’t know what struggle you’re going through but I’ll be praying.

    Can’t wait to see you this summer. Hugs on both sides,

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