Leap Year Plans?


So a friend of mine emailed me today to see if I had plans for celebrating that once-every-four-years special day….February 29.  Honestly, I hadn’t thought much about it after the last few weeks of activities kept me hopping (oh, look at that a “leap” year theme!).  But after her email I got to thinking about it….the next leap year my girls will be almost 14 and almost 10—ack!  They might be to “old” to celebrate then so I’d better hop on board and get with it and plan something for this Wednesday.

I of course turned to the ever-trusted “google” to help me in my search.  Many of the items are frog crafts and games, but y’all know me–a day isn’t really special unless it has special food!!!  So I kept digging and finally found some great ideas that I plan to run out tomorrow and find the ingredients to put together for me girls.

This first one I guess I would make for breakfast on Wednesday; it is an apple frog.

You can find the steps for making this fun little guy on the Family Fun website.  It looks fairly simple to do.  I have the chocolate chips and the cream cheese but I’m missing the main features of apples and grapes so I will need to add them to the grocery list!  I will probably cut the apples Tuesday night and soak them in pineapple juice to keep them fresh before packing up for the night.  This will allow me to hop right into making the special treat for breakfast in less time.

The next food item that might jump into the lunch box on February 29th is this cute sandwich made with a spinach tortilla.  I found this idea on a blog called “This Lunch Rox

Isn't it adorable?

If you click to her website you will find out that she just made the frog out of a spinach tortilla by cutting one big circle for the body, two small circles for the eyes, two tear drop shapes for the legs, and the feet were cut using just one corner of a leaf cookie cutter.  I think the lilly pad shaped cheese is a nice touch too!

Then there are some games to play and crafts to make if you are so inclined.  On this link to “Leap Year or Frog Party” you will find several things but the one that I like the most is a game called “Roll 29”.  You will need 3 dice.  Each player gets 2 rolls (a roll is using all 3 dice together) to add up her numbers to get to 29.  If a player goes over they are out.  The closest to 29 wins.  We might play this at dinner on Wednesday night!

This fun little craft I found on this website allows you to capture how big your kid’s hands are on this special day.

This other site has many activities and crafts too.  If you homeschool or have several pre-K kids at home this might be a great place to find some ideas.

And just in case you can’t remember exactly why we have leap year, I found this on the last linked site:

The time it takes the earth to spin once on its axis is a day. The time it takes the earth to complete its annual trip around the sun is a year. Unfortunately, these units of time don’t divide evenly. This is the “spin” problem: if the earth would spin just a bit slower, a year would be exactly 365 days, instead of 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and a little over 45 seconds. If a day was a minute longer than it is, we wouldn’t need Leap Year Day.

I hope you and your family will at least stop and think about how unique February 29th is on Wednesday and if you have time maybe you can try one of these ideas and then let me know how it went at your house.

Hop to it!


Kelly posted a few comments below with a link to a fun time capsule idea.  I’ve put together a survey that you can use.  I based it on the one in the picture in Kelly’s link.  It is a word doc so you can change out the kid’s name as needed…unless you have a Heather too!  Leap Year Time Capsule Sheet


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  1. Thank you for your searching!! So cute! I am definitely going to try the apple frog. I don’t know that my kids would eat the spinach frog, but who knows….maybe I will make it for myself. 😉

    Thanks for the info. on the reason for leap year. We are studying Astronomy this year, so that fits right in.


    • Thank you for the prompt to search! I just got back from the store with my goodies for tomorrow 🙂 I don’t know if my girls will eat the frog or not either,but I think I’m going try it on them anyway—otherwise the green tortillas I purchased would have been the jalapeno/cilantro ones.

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