This and That



I am just getting back from a fun time with lots of great women.  Our church had our Ladies Retreat this weekend and we were challenged to find contentment even when life isn’t a bed of roses.  Nancy Hicks was our speaker and she was fabulous!  I feel like this last year has been my trial by fire on finding contentment amidst the thorns and flowers but even in my jump start on the topic, our speaker had many things to say to challenge me to go even further.  I love that God is always working to refine His children.  The refiner’s fire is not a destructive fire rather it refines and purifies–it separates out the impurities that ruin its value and burns them up while leaving the silver and gold intact.

It was a great weekend and there was lots of laughter, several tears and many good memories made.  (Oh…and I got to eat at Sonic on the way to the hotel!  This was a real treat as there are no Sonics near our house.  I am ever grateful to my driving buddy for agreeing to stop and eat there in her very clean car all because she knows how much it means to me—you rock!)


So on a totally different topic…I made these football pops a few weeks ago for the Super Bowl.  I will have to say that mine did not turn out as well as the ones in the picture online (blog: love + butter) but they were yummy.  I even  had a piece of green foam and made a tiny little football field to serve them on.  Here are some pictures of mine:





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