A “Duh” Moment…Well, actually, Two Today


Sometimes things hit me and I think…really Becki?  Are you just figuring that out?

Today I had some time to run errands all alone in my cool mini-van.  I find that I have some of the best conversations with God while driving—always have, even before the cool mini-van.  This morning I was praying for my girls as I pulled out onto the main highway near me.  I was trucking along (or would that be “vanning” along???) and praying that God would shape my girls into the women he wants them to be and to help Brad and I be the parents they need.  The word “need” struck me and I thought “Oh, there are so many needs that I have in the area of parenting” and then a small voice whispered

“I will supply all your needs”


The LORD reminded me about his words in Philippians 4:19.  I realized that everything I need as a parent He will supply to me in just the right doses at just the right time.  Through daily time with my Heavenly Father in prayer and reading His book, he will guide me in this parenting path.  A quote that I’ve seen on several facebook walls this week is from Corrie Ten Boom and says “If God sends us on stony paths, He provides strong shoes.”  I like this quote.  It reminds me that just because I am seeking the Lord and His will for my life that I am not guaranteed smooth paths but He will provide the right shoes for the path.

Later in the day I had a tiny little pity-party while standing beside a huge mound of clean linens.  I had washed them earlier in the day and threw them in the chair to fold later and now it was “later”.  As each of my girls did there thing after dinner, there I was standing and folding them all by myself.  I even asked one (in a nice, embracing, hopeful voice) “Hey, why don’t you help me fold?”  And she lovingly replied…”I’m going to go and get ready for dance.”  Ugh.  So I sat there thinking…I sure wish my family would look for ways to be helpful.  Don’t they realize that one of the best ways to say “I love you Mom” is to help me with a chore?  I guess Gary Chapman would say my Love Language is “Acts of Service”.  (Full disclosure here…I said “family” but my handsome fella does a good job with this already and on Monday he crossed off a ton of things on our to-do list and I felt so very loved!)

Soon after we were driving to dance and Casting Crowns was blaring on our CD player.  This particular song was “What if His People Prayed”.

And it hit me.

Have I prayed that my girls would look for ways to be helpful?  Maybe a few times, but not with consistency.


I am thankful that God uses the quiet times and the blaring, loud times to speak to me.  He is always with me and always desiring to guide me if I will just listen and obey….Duh.


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