Soup #2 for our week: Crock Pot Navy Bean Soup


So here is another one that I’ve posted before, Crock Pot Navy Bean Soup, that we ate this week.  This time though I tried a bag of dried beans rather than the 4 cans of navy beans.

I simply bought a bag of beans and soaked them overnight.  Then used them in the soup with 4 Ro-Tel cans of water (rather than the bean cans as the recipe calls for).  I think it worked just fine and I’m sure we ate fewer chemicals because of it!

I toasted up some leftover Amoroso rolls, served some raw carrots, and meant to also have orange slices….I’m just realizing that I forgot to do the oranges!  (If you are wondering…my girls pick out the ham and sausage in this dish to fill up on but hey- at least they might get a stray bean one of these days and realize it isn’t so bad.)



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  1. Got two soups from you today. Thought I already had the Santa Fe one, but looked in my “Becki’s Recipes” folder and it wasn’t there. I had several other Tex-Mex style recipes from you, so I guess I thought I had that one. Now, the next step is to actually fix some of these great recipes! You know me..if we haven’t eaten it in 3 days, it’s good for the next day!

    Raining like cats and dogs around here…or, in our house, just cats! I’ve been on the computer most of the day getting Trivium reports and UMW stuff done. You and Brad haven’t written in awhile. Don’t forget your old parents at home!!! I sent a note to all of you today about my appointment I got set up. Mom

  2. Sounds yummy!!! I am going to try it with the venison sausage in my freezer, that my kids have decided they no longer like.

    By the way….I just saw a commercial for Ro-Tel tonight! I had always wondered what it was, and was thankful for your post the other day….then…the commercial popped up! Maybe you have increased the sales here in PA enough for them to advertise. 🙂

    • Kelly, I bet the venison sausage will be yummy in the soup. Venison is such a good meat and low in fat.
      I wonder if Ro-Tel would give me a commission on their Philly area sales…heeheehee.
      Next item…Ranch Style beans 🙂

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