Christmas is Coming!


I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here!  My girls are excited to see that the gifts under the tree keep growing as I begin to wrap the items that were shipped here from family members many miles away.  The girls are fun to watch as they shake each gift and try to figure out what it is.  I am feeling more calm this Christmas than in the years past.  I think it is because this is the first Christmas I have not been working.  Yes, it makes things tighter but only in our wallet.  God has given us so much and we are trying to focus on his gifts rather than our wants.  As I shared with some friends last week, I think of the ornaments on our tree as the blessings God has given us to decorate our tree of this life on earth.  Sometimes an ornament doesn’t seem so pretty until you let it grow on you and you see it from different angles.  This has been my year for looking at things from different angles.  Losing my job was not the blessing I was looking for, but it has turned out to be a good thing in so many ways.

With Christmas just days away, it wouldn’t be a holiday if I didn’t spend hours thinking about our menu.  I bought all the items for our Christmas Punch today.  I shared the recipe with you last year.  It is a tradition for us.

Then of course Taco Soup is on the menu (not for Christmas Day but I have several days with visitors here to plan!).  The menu for Christmas morning is still up in the air as we need to be at church around 9:00 for our 10:00 service but I do believe Ham, scalloped potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, hot fruit salad, and rolls are the main meal for the day.

What will you be eating for Christmas meals?  Leave a comment and let me know….maybe you can share a recipe with me!


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  1. We’ll be eating DAR food, and I don’t mean that my sister cooked it!! If it goes over as well as the ham sandwiches, it will be a hit! Just got back from visiting with your folks. Took my Christmas stuff, and love the Hickory Farms package they gave us. We have been lucky to get some food items from friends, right as mine are disappearing! Most of mine disappeared after the first meal! Talked with Bryan this morning. They are busy all day..will be back here on Wed. night for dinner..then all day Thurs. we will be in Lufkin with Mom. Friday night, we’ll all go to the Iverson “12 Days of Christmas Party” and then they will spend that night and we will have our Christmas, live nativity, communion, on Sat. We also think we might try to master the Mall crazies and see a movie together on Sat. We could be trampled to death!!

    On Christmas Day…I plan to sleep until noon and DO NOTHING!!
    About to go to Rotary with POP…today is “women can visit day”…that doesn’t happen very often!

      • I’m just now seeing all of your replies. I thought they would be sent to my e-mail when you replied. Sorry about that..however, you know we sent your love to Mom. You also know that my Christmas was not the one I had planned, but sometimes, things happen for a reason. I kept hearing God talk to me for weeks before…guess He finally had to put me to bed to get my attention!!

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