Sausage Cornbread Muffins


I made this last week while my in-laws were visiting.  It was easy to throw together and while they baked I mixed the baked pumpkin donut holes to put in the oven.  It was a great breakfast!

My sister-in-law Julie sent me this recipe.

Sausage Cornbread Muffins

Cook and drain:

  • 1 tube/roll of breakfast sausage

Mix together per package instructions:

  • 1 box/bag of cornbread mix (around 7 oz box/bag)

Add to the cornbread mixture:

  • cooked  and drained sausage
  • half a can of Ro-Tel (drain about half of the juice)
  • a handful of shredded cheddar cheese

Spray muffin pan and pour into pan

Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.



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  1. Delicious, indeed! Such a great breakfast, as was all the food we enjoyed! I’m off to Target…shopping for the girls’ books, DVD, etc .. I cancelled my acupuncture appt…one must have their priorities! I haven’t had time to try to copy and paste your recipes. I will try that this afternoon.

  2. Myra, I would still copy and paste as that will narrow the text you print and thus save paper BUT I did find a print button so you will find it just beneath the text of the blog post near the “Share this” area.

    • I’m just now seeing all of your replies!! I thought you didn’t ever write me back!! I just now see that, too. I’m running off, but on many sheets of paper. Now, I know what to do! Great..thanks so much!!! I told you in an e-mail that Tommy is going to help me set up a lot of stuff on my blog when he comes back.

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