Makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice…


No, not a Christmas list…a Thanksgiving ingredient list!

  I made my list last week and started purchasing items that are non-perishable.  I have a box in my laundry room to hold these items so I don’t accidentally use them before the big day!  Now I need to figure out what else I can do ahead of time.  This year we will have not only my brother-in-law and sister-in-law here but also my in-laws!  We are very excited.

Last year I actually made my own pie dough for our pumpkin pie.  The pie wasn’t pretty but it sure was tasty.  I think I will try to make my own dough again so that will be something I can do this week.

Then there are the table linens….that didn’t even make it to this list.  Maybe I need another list for chores to do before the big day!  Anyway, I think I will actually iron the table cloth ahead of time—SHOCK!  A tablecloth is kind of like painting my nails….I usually think of it last minute  (example being having one of my best friends paint my nails on my wedding day after I got dressed).  So usually I am ironing the tablecloth after it is placed on the table…that is what a table pad is for, right? 😉

One good thing is that the book fair at school is always right around Thanksgiving.  This year we  told our girls that we will not be buying books for them from Scholastic.  Books are something we can borrow from the library for free.  If they would like to purchase books they can do it with their own money.  So last night as they began to look and dream over the book fair selections, I proposed a way for them to earn some money….help me get things ready for Thanksgiving!  We will see how much they actually earn 🙂

Unfortunately, there just isn’t a lot to be done ahead of time in the food realm except to make a plan and stick to it!  I’ve been preparing the entire Thanksgiving dinner for about four years now and I have somewhat of a system down.  However, this is the first year I will have guests in my house prior to the big day.  That makes it a bit more tricky, but thanks to dinners in the freezer I already know what we will be having with my in-laws in the nights prior to Thanksgiving.

Doing the entire dinner has made me long even more for the family get-togethers that I grew up with.  You know, the one where the host home prepares the turkey and then everyone else brings a side and a dessert.  Oh, how I miss those.  I miss the ease of preparation, all the tasty items from family members, but most of all the fellowship with loved ones. Oh, and who could forget the fun time spent taking the entire family picture!

I am thankful that my table will have a few more loved ones around it this year.  We have so much to thank God for.  He has carried us through a crazy year and I am thankful that He promises never to leave us as I know life isn’t through throwing curve balls our way.

Enjoy your thanksgiving and remember to give thanks to the one who provides it all–our Heavenly Father.



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  1. Well, I will speak for one person who is DELIGHTED to be sitting at your Thanksgiving table!!! Guess what I’m doing? Decorating the house for Christmas!! I even have stockings hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that I can decorate early and not tear out my hair!!

    By the way…my old post was deleted….I am now under “ I couldn’t get the picture off, so I started another one! It will take me awhile to figure out how to work everything on it, and I haven’t posted anything yet!

    Bryan called last night..sorry I didn’t get anyone called…I was decorating! He assured me that you would have a list going for Thanksgiving….it’s amazing how your family knows that about you!

    Mom Smith

  2. Love your list! I had to zoom in on it to get the full effect!! Oh, if only I could be that organized. 🙂

    Something fun for your girls…we make our own butter every year. Just take heavy cream and shake it until your arm feels like it is about to fall off! We shake it in those little tupperware midgets. (I think that’s what they are called.) The tiny containers that hold pills, or salad dressing, etc. Lots of fun, and is pretty tasty!

  3. I have a fantastic recipe for “Make Ahead Butterhorns” if you ever want to make your rolls ahead. I will be making those this week!

    • umm….you are assuming that I make my own rolls…heheehee 🙂
      I would love to get your recipe but this year I’m going with Sister Schubert rolls, just like Mom always made!

  4. Love the post! I too start purchasing ingredients a few weeks ahead and stash them so they don’t get used. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Enjoy your company!

  5. Oh, and who could forget the fun time spent taking the entire family picture!

    Ummm, you must be getting this mixed up with some other family event. This statement is somewhat of a misnomer….

    And Sister Schubert does makes really good rolls!

    • I knew my family members would catch the sarcasm in that phrase 🙂
      The payback on my little brother is hilarious as he tries to get his little one to sit still and smile.
      At least now there is the world of digital so fewer cameras and less time. Also we wised up and moved it to the START of the day rather than after we are all in a turkey-coma.

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