Let’s Give ’em Something to Talk About….


Hey there!  You probably know how important I think dinner time is for each family.  One of the main reasons we should strive to eat together is so that we can talk and build family relationships stronger.  Well, I have to admit lately our dinner conversations have been fairly flat.  I could list all kinds of excuses why this might be right now BUT they would be excuses.  I need to get things going….yes it is up to me.  I have more time to think about these kinds of things so I should do something about it.  I need to come up with something for us to talk about!

Today I picked up my Thriving Family magazine.  I guess I had never finished reading the last issue.  It is chock full of some great things.  One item in there is “Let’s Talk” by Mary E. DeMuth.  The theme of the article is creating a home that nurtures honest conversation.  At the end of the article it gives a way to go online for some conversation starters.

I immediately went down to my computer and found the list of starters.  I copied and pasted into a word doc and now have them printed on some green paper.  I plan to cut them apart and put them in a jar.  I figure each child can pull one out for us to discuss each night at dinner.  I hope they spark our conversations at our table and maybe your table too!


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  1. Love it! Thank you. I am planning on using these, not only for our kids, but, also, for when we have guests.

    Thanks again!

    Kelly 🙂

    • I’m glad you will be able to use them Kelly! I cut them up and put them in a pretty candy dish. The girls were very intrigued when they got home. I can say that our conversation was definitely different at the table last night with these starters. We seemed to pull 3 “heavy” ones and one that was lighter. Everyone enjoyed themselves though—it was fun.
      Missed you at M4M 🙂

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