Pull into the Body Shop


Recently I had a run-in with a guard rail.  Now I have a nice indention streaking down three panels of my van.  Ah, nice.

The guard rail was not on my intended path, but I hit (or scraped) it anyhow.

This got me thinking though….how many times do we run into things in life that we didn’t intend to?

Bad Attitudes


Broken Relationships


Dead-end Jobs

Now I have to deal with the mess created by the guard rail.  We got a quote from a body shop before looking into our insurance—OUCH it was a lot.

Then we went to our insurance to see if we could submit it and if there would be any raise in our rates.

The insurance process was so easy and much better on our wallet.  Much less to spend to make the repair and no raise to our rates.

This reminds me of life.  So many times I run into a problem and try to fix it on my own.  But I have “insurance” or rather “assurance”.

I have Jesus.

He is here for me.  I just need to “make a claim” by striking up a conversation with him.  Some people may call it prayer but it is still the same thing, coming to my savior and asking for guidance and assistance as to how He would have me make repairs.  He wants to help me.  He wants to smooth out the dents of life.

There may be certain things he requires of me to make the repair,  just like our insurance company required us to come and let them take a look and make their own estimate.  The insurance adjuster said he deals with 12-15 cars a day.  I’m so glad that when I come to Jesus there is no appointment needed so I’m not limited to the 12 or 15 spots a day.

Jesus wants me to walk into his body shop daily though so he can keep things in top-notch shape.

Have you been to the body shop lately?

I encourage you to seek His assurance first rather than going it on your own.  His plan is always better and you know you are “in Good Hands”. 😉


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