Chicken with green beans and potatoes- Easy all in one dinner


Tonight we had a dinner that is a favorite of my handsome fella.  I posted the recipe back in January.

While I was preparing it, I thought of something that I did not write in that original post.  This is a great one for Moms who work away from home to add to their meal rotation. 


  1. It is a snap to prepare ahead of time.  You can throw this together in the morning in 15 minutes tops and that includes the clean-up.  Simply get it all in the baking pan and cover with foil.  Place it in the refrigerator until you get home.
  2. No fuss baking.  When you get home, throw it in the oven (covered with foil) and turn the oven on to 375.  Set your timer for 1.5 hours and go get into some comfy clothes and help the kids with their homework.  When the timer goes off, uncover and let it cook for 20 more minutes.  Make sure you prep any fruit or other sides you may want to include.
  3. Easy to clean up.  Since the dish was all in one and I only cut up apples to go with it, tonight the clean-up was so easy.  One pan to clean and everything else was in the dishwasher

Use it on a night you know you will be home around 4/4:30 as it takes about 2 hours to cook.

This is also a good one if you need to run someone to dance or soccer practice and will be gone for a while.  I started our dinner at 3:45 and ran our youngest to dance class.  I removed the foil right when I got home, it finished cooking,  and we were eating by 5:45.  I was glad for the easy clean-up as then I needed to run our oldest to her dance class!



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