Make that for two…


As you know I often plan out my menus for several weeks at a time.  It helps me feel better prepared for the upcoming crazy week if I know what is planned for dinner each night before 4:00 in the afternoon!

So I have encouraged you before to plan out a few nights of menus and try it out.  Well now I have another thing to try.  This time when you plan your meals, see if there is a recipe you can double as you make it and then freeze the doubled portion.  This way you have one meal for the evening and another meal for next month ready to pull out of the freezer.

One recipe I love to do this with is the Chicken Enchilada recipe that I got from a friend when I had my second child.  These are very yummy and are just as easy to prepare as a double batch as  a single.  I don’t pour the sauce over the enchiladas that I plan to freeze as it makes them a bit wimpy.  I freeze the sauce separately OR  make it fresh when cooking the frozen portion.  I just made these over the weekend and now have the doubled batch in the freezer.

Boil your chicken as you get everything else set out and then it will be ready to shred when you are ready to add it to the enchiladas—make some extra and freeze it for other meals 🙂

Chicken Enchiladas


Ingredient Single Doubled
Onion, diced ½ an onion 1 onion
Bell Peppers-red or green 1 2
Chicken breasts- cooked and shredded Two (about 2 cups) Four (about 4 to 5 cups)
Cream Cheese, softened 3 oz 6 oz
Chili powder 1 tsp 2 tsp
Onion powder 1 tsp 2 tsp
Milk 1 tsp 2 tsp
Cumin ½ tsp 1 tsp
Sour Cream ½ cup 1 cup
Grated Cheese 1-2 cups 2-4 cups
Flour Tortillas 6-10 12-18

Sauté onion and peppers in margarine—salt and pepper the veggies while they sauté.

In a bowl combine all the ingredients (besides the tortillas!).  Mix.

Spoon the filling into the tortillas and roll up, placing them seam side down in a baking dish


Ingredient Single Double
Cream of Chicken Soup 1 10oz can 2 10 oz cans
Salsa 1 cup 2 cups
Sour Cream ½ cup 1 cup
Oregano Dash Two dashes

Combine the sauce ingredients.  Pour over filled tortillas.

Bake uncovered at 350 for 25-30 minutes.


Here is a link to a post from Fall of 2010 that has two more recipes that can easily be doubled as you make them and then frozen for later.  I actually plan to make the pot pie in a few weeks and prepare a second one for the freezer.


Let me know when you have added to your freezer!  If you have a favorite meal to double and freeze- share it with me in the comments section!

Enjoy the recipes and make sure you enjoy your family today too!


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