Easy Sausage Mix


You know the phrase ” you have to open a lot of oysters before you find a pearl.”?   Well, I checked out some cookbooks from the library a few weeks ago.  It is my favorite way to try out new recipes.  I had several books that I flipped through and marked recipes I wanted to try with post-its.  Then I planned my menu for the month with these recipes in mind.  Let’s just say that you have to try a lot of recipes before you find one that is worth repeating!

Here is the only one I have tried so far that will make it back to our menu again.  It is like a homemade Zatarain’s.  My handsome fella and I loved it and the girls picked out the sausage!

This is a great one to get started as soon as you get home and then just let it finish cooking for the hour that you help kids with homework, spend some one-on-one time, or go for a quick walk around the block!

Easy Sausage Mix

Crumble into a skillet and brown:

  • 1 to 1.5 lbs of pork sausage

Drain the sausage and return to skillet.

Add to sausage:

  • 1 green pepper, chopped
  • 2 green onions, chopped
  • 2-3 celery stalks, chopped
  • 2 cups of chicken broth (I make mine by boiling 2 cups of water and adding 3 bouillon cubes)
  • 1 cup of uncooked rice
  • 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Cover and let it simmer on the lowest possible heat for about one hour.

Season with pepper to taste and serve.



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