Getting in the Back to School Mode


As I type this, it is 8:55 and both of my girls are in bed.  That is a small miracle in this house.  Now they aren’t both asleep but they are in bed.  We are not early to bed and early to rise here at the Smith house!  Today it was 9:07 and I was going into each of my kids’ rooms to wake them up for a second time.  7:00 in the morning will come VERY early for them.

I decided we needed some activity for the today to get everyone tired out.  Brad and I took the girls on what we called a “Park-a-palooza”, hitting 3 parks in about two hours.  We never really ate lunch as we snacked on peanut butter crackers and water in the car between park stops.  So by 4:00 we were ready to prepare dinner.  Brad fired up the grill and prepared the Labor day tradition of burgers while I sneaked into the bathroom to prepare a scavenger hunt for the girls.  I wrote clues to remind the girls about our school routine.  Things like:

This is where you put your take home folders each afternoon when you come home from school.


You don’t see much of me once school starts but we had lots of fun this summer hanging out together.

When they got to the answer for each clue, there was another clue and sometimes a treat (starburst, stickers, etc).  They had fun running through the house and it was a great way to remind them of our school routines.  I was shocked to realize they had forgotten some of the “regular things”.  The hunt ended with their school bags with their favorite candy placed inside.

So the school bags are packed, first-day outfits are waiting to be worn, lunches are ready and hopefully my girls are just as ready.

I know I am ready for a different routine.  I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m moaning about homework and such, but a change of pace is nice and welcomed at this point.


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