Storm Survival


Last weekend at this time we were in preparation mode for Hurricane Irene.  I am so thankful that we were spared the heavy winds and rain some people didn’t fare so well.  It was quite the 24 hours at our house as the storm began to come in.  Here are some things we learned:

  • My girls don’t do tornado drills at school.  They  knew to go into the closet but only because we have said it over and over again.  As I sat in the closet with them and told them about the drills we used to do in our schools, they thought it was crazy.
  • Antennas are an unknown to this generation.  We were using one of the girl’s CD/radio players to listen to the news on Sunday morning.  Both girls were intrigued with the “long, silver thing” that came out of the player.
  • Storms are scary.  As we sat there waiting for the tornado warning to pass, the lights went out.  The girls and I huddled in the closet in the family room with the door open so Brad could join us if he heard the tornado coming.  Both girls were frightened and one of them kept saying “I love you Mommy, I want to tell Daddy thank you for taking care of us”—melt my heart!
  • Sleeping with your tennis shoes on (AKA sneakers for my PA friends) is not very comfortable for sleep but comforting to the mind to know that you are ready if the windows break to walk through the dark house and get out.

Thankfully our power was restored a short 16 hours later, Brad and I were able to sleep the next night—without shoes on, and not one tree fell on our lot.  As one of my girls put it for her earthly dad I can say….thanks Heavenly Father for taking care of us!


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