Getting ready for the storm


Well, when we moved to PA I knew we would have snow but really I never thought about a hurricane.  I grew up with hurricanes in Texas—it was a yearly thing.  We would start school and then school would be canceled for a while to ride out a storm.  I had to laugh when my dad called to make sure we were using all our hurricane knowledge to prepare for the storm.  This is my “hurricane preparation knowledge”:

“Kids, here is a box, fill it with what you want to take to LaGrange and then get in the car.  Dad will stay here to take care of the house during the storm.”  (Thanks to my Aunt Kay and Uncle John for providing safety from the storms!)

As an adult I’ve never lived in a hurricane’s path!  As a child, I was sent out of the path and my Daddy took care of everything.

This time I’m still relying on my Dad—my heavenly father knows exactly what will happen and we are making preparations and then trusting Him for protection.

I’ve already cleaned the gutter, brought in all the plants and the patio table, made cookies using my frozen dough, banana bread is in the oven while I type and now we just wait.  If you are in PA, I hope you will take precautions too—hurricanes are not to be mocked!  I can still envision what our basketball goal, cemented in next to the driveway, looked like when we returned from LaGrange, once again, this time after hurricane Alicia.  Let’s just say my little brother who was probably 6 could dunk the ball easily!  Fortunately where I live we are on the “good side” of the storm so the winds should not be that bad.  We are more worried about the trees and the already saturated ground in which they sit.


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