A week of old favorites


Last weekend my cousin and her family were here visiting.  It was wonderful.  I made taco salad as it is easy for various taste buds to eat in a happy manner.  (Meaning you can take out just taco “fixins” for the picky eaters before mixing the salad all up for those that like “real” food!)  We went out the next day to Stella’s in the city for pizza before hitting the historic highlights and finishing our day off with Capagiro Gelato!

Get the taco salad recipe here

Then I was tired….but a happy tired…after they left so I pulled out the no fail recipe of Pace Picante Chicken for us to eat on Monday night.  I love this recipe as there really isn’t much to do and then the kitchen is clean by the time it comes out of the oven.  I actually put the dish together early in the afternoon- later stuck it in the oven and then rested for the hour that it was baking!

Find the Pace Picante recipe

I made stroganoff one night and now realize that I have never posted that recipe….or at least I can’t find it…so I will have to post that one soon.  It is a favorite at our house and I try to always have the ingredients on hand for nights when I don’t want to think and I don’t want a fuss at dinner.


Later in the week I met friends at the pool and hung out all afternoon.  It was great but the question hung in my mind “WHAT WILL BE FOR DINNER?”  I didn’t have anything planned.  I mentioned to my friend that I didn’t know what would be for dinner but if we ate at our house it would include shredded, grilled chicken as that was all we had in the freezer.  So, what did we have but Santa Fe Chicken and Rice Pilaf!!!  I loved it with the grilled chicken as it gave it added flavor.  Plus Brad made queso and what isn’t to like about queso!

Santa Fe Rice Pilaf

I know that I need to get back to meal planning.  It makes my life better and when my life is better my family feels that in so many ways!  However, a week of old favorites, pulling ingredients right off of our shelves was a nice way to just enjoy some of these last weeks of summer when everyone is home each night for dinner and there is no homework to deal with.


Enjoy the remainder of your summer!



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