Riding the Waves


It is summer time and so that means lots of time for swimming and the occasional trip to the beach.  Of course, up where I live in our great nation you don’t go “to the beach” you go “down the shore”.  Last week we had the chance to spend the day on the sand and in the surf.  It was great.  I didn’t know how our 6 year old would do as it had been a long time since we had been to the beach and she isn’t one for getting her head wet even at the pool so I didn’t know how she would respond to the waves.  She loved to stand about knee to waist-high and jump the waves as they came.  Our 9 year-old loved everything about the water.  She was in it for every moment we were there.  She used floats, wave boards, and just her tiny little body to ride the waves.  It was fun to watch them enjoy each wave.

Our 9-year-old would stand and watch in anticipation, wondering if this wave would be the one that would allow her to ride all the way in.  While the 6-year-old just stood and braced for whatever came her way.

I’ve been reflecting this morning on life and the waves came to mind.  This summer has seemed like one wave after another is crashing through my life.  Waves can be overwhelming if you aren’t ready for them.  I am glad that several passages in the New Testament remind me that God is in control of the wind and the waves.  I think about Matthew 8:23-27 when Jesus and his disciples are all in a boat together.  Jesus was asleep and a crazy storm came up on the water and the disciples were scared.  When they awoke Jesus he calmed the winds and waves and they were amazed at His authority.  Then there is the Matthew 14: 29-30 passage when Peter steps out of the boat to walk on the water to Jesus.  In this passage I am reminded how important it is to stay focused on Jesus and not to take my eyes off of him.  When the wind and the waves distract me then I begin to get pulled under.

My girls loved the waves….do I love the waves of life?

My girls were prepared for the waves…am I spending time daily with my Lord to get ready for the waves that may hit me that day?

My girls have fond memories of their time “down the shore”….will I have fond memories of how I allowed God to work through these times of trials?

I hope so.


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