Game Night


Tonight we pulled out a container of various card games and enjoyed an hour or so of fun.  Em and I first played “Slap Jack” and then she wanted to play her Dad (he isn’t as good as I am!).  After that Brad and Em played a round of  “Go Fish”, which isn’t much fun with two people.  Then I got to teach Em how to play “Speed”—oh, how I love that game.  I played slow, teaching her how to think through the game.  She did well and I’m sure will soon be a fast player. H sat to the side and watched most of the games.

The game that we spent the most time on was a card game but not with a regular deck of cards.  I pulled out a deck of cards that I purchased years ago called “Think-It Link-It”  The box says it is a game of “rhyme and reason”,  it was right up Em’s and Brad’s alley.  Our edition is the “Food and Cooking Edition” so all of the answers have something to do with food/cooking.  You get a clue that tells you how many syllables each word is and then clues to help you guess the rhyming words.

So  a “supper victor” would be a Dinner Winner.   H helped me read the clues and then we would all try to guess while my thumb covered up the answer.  Em and Brad rocked at this game. I have even been tasked with finding more cards so we can play it more often and not re-do cards.

It can be so easy to end up in our own corners at night, reading books, watching a ball game, on the computer… but that isn’t what makes fun family memories.  Sometimes it takes a little effort to spend time together.  You have to put aside your own wants and agenda and think “how can I capture some fun memories time with my kids”.  I hope you will capture some time with your kid(s) tomorrow…and every day.


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