Last week of School


Last week was FINALLY our last week of school.  I am thankful we didn’t use all of our snow days or we would still be in school this next week…ugh.  This Texas-born girl just shivers at the thought of school in the middle of June.  But I have had to get used to a lot of things living in PA.

I found out that, once I have time on my hands, I can actually come up with some fairly good teacher gifts for the end of the year.  Now, what my measurement for a “good” teacher gift is this: Would I have wanted to get it as a teacher?

Heather found a craft she wanted to do and I determined it could make a teacher gift.  I gathered up the supplies and here is what we did:  I purchased small clay pots and some coordinating scraps of material.  With pinking shears I cut two of the fabrics into squares and with regular scissors I cut the other two.  We then got out some good old Elmer’s White Glue and a brush and got busy.


Once they had glued the fabric squares all around the clay pot.  They went back over the pot with one last layer of glue.  Then the girls decided that rather than putting a plant in the pot they wanted some teacher supplies (well, I kept hinting towards supplies and they finally agreed).  So I hit Wal-Mart while they were at school and each child loaded up her teacher with some supplies to start of next year.  The final touch was autographing the bottom of the pot so their teachers would not forget them.  I think they turned out cute and it worked great on our limited income.

Final product for our teachers this year.

Then, there are all the “special” teachers.  What do you do for them without spending and arm and a leg?  Answer:  Whip up some chocolate chip cookies and pull out the CD wrappers.  I made giant cookies and placed them in CD wrappers that each child wrote on and decorated.  I really liked how they all turned out.

Treats for all the teachers!


Heather finished school on Thursday as she was an afternoon kindergartener and Friday was a half day of school.  So I pulled out the window markers and balloons on two days to celebrate the start of summer.  I always love the smiles on the last day of school!

We finished off the afternoon with our traditional trip to Rita’s for water ice and then added to our summer kick-off a trip to the library for summer reading selections.  It was a fun week.  Now we are ready for some days at the pool and a slower schedule.  Enjoy your summer!




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