Dinner Conversation Idea


I am writing this post on June 14th—-Happy Flag Day!  Did you know it was Flag day?  I have to admit, I taught U.S. History for several years AND I have a good friend who has a birthday on this day so I always remember the two together.   So what does Flag day have to do with dinner conversation?  Well, tonight I Googled “fun facts about the U.S. flag” and found a blog that had 10 fun facts.  I printed them out and cut them apart (I did fact check one as I had never heard the story–it was legit).

It was just the girls and I for dinner so I had them each pull a few facts from the pile and throughout dinner I would ask them to read one of their facts.  It was interesting and we were able to then discuss for a while the particular piece of information we had just heard.  I learned that the current flag design was designed by an high school student for a class project.  He was given a B- and didn’t like that grade.  He asked his teacher if he could get an “A” if Congress accepted his flag design.  The teacher agreed (I can just hear the teacher…sure—send it on…what will it hurt.)  Well, I guess you know….Congress accepted and he then got the “A” he was after.  Fun story—that is what I love about history.  It is just the story of people.  Some people are interesting….and some are not!

So, for dinner this summer when you can no longer depend on the old faithful question “So, what happened at school today?”,  pick a topic and Google it.  Find some fun facts.  Maybe have “animal week” or “weird foods” (I just googled that to see what I would get and low and behold there is a website with that name .

Enjoy your family around the dinner table- it makes a difference!


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