I can trust God when I’m scared


I’ve always heard preachers say that it seems that the passage they are preparing to teach on becomes real, in life situations to them that very week.  Tomorrow (Sunday) I get to teach both Jr. Church and Sunday School.  I usually don’t teach either but I wrote myself into the schedule for Jr. Church and then our regular Sunday School teacher for K-2 will be out.  We are talking about honor in Jr. Church.  I love that topic- especially as a parent.  But honor is not just for kids, it is for me in my everyday encounters with people.

Then there is the Sunday School lesson.  I’ve  been looking at the lesson all week, but it dawned on me today that there is a message there for me too.

We will be talking about the Israelites leaving Egypt and crossing the Red Sea on dry ground.  How wild that experience must have been for them.  They have lived through the plagues and then Pharaoh says “Go…get out of here”.  They pack up and leave.  They must have thought “oh, finally we are out of here…things are finally going our way”.  Then they get to the Red Sea and realize that Pharaoh changed his mind.  I can imagine standing there and thinking “How are we getting out of this?”

Then God tells Moses to raise his staff and the waters begin to part.  I would have loved to have seen their faces!  I can imagine mine…the wonder and the awe….the realization (once again) of the power of God.  They had to then step out in faith.  The miracle was right there before them and they had to trust God to carry them through to the other side.  If they had not trusted, they would not have experienced all that God had set before them.  They walk through to the other side- safe in His care.

Our lesson “take away” tomorrow is that we can trust God when we are scared.

HA!  How did I read that all week and it not hit me until today.  I am so scared right now.  I am up against my own Red Sea.  I know that the God who took care of the Israelites is the same God who is taking care of me.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  So he can still part the waters if that is how He chooses to work.  I see the waters before me and I see the enemy approaching behind me….I am standing, trusting and waiting to see how God will move.

Last summer as God began to put some things on my heart, he spoke to me through the passage of scripture where Peter walks on water to Jesus.  God told me not to be distracted by the waves of life but to focus on Him and keep walking.

Now this summer–water again.  A Red Sea of life.

God says, Trust Me when you are scared.

I’m yours Lord.  I will trust.  Help me trust you more and more.


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