The Price of Honesty…for us 58 bucks so far


This week we have had several opportunities to do the right thing– once when our kids were watching and once when they were not.  Our family went to the Phillies game on Monday night.  The girls had been given some Valentine money from their grandparents and I had set it aside for our Phillies game in April.  That game was rained out so we ended up going on Monday, May 23.  The money was still waiting for them and they wanted to go straight to the store when we arrived at the stadium.  They each wanted a baseball and then something else.  Everyone picked out their items and we checked out.  As we walked out of the store, I totaled everything in my head and it didn’t quite add up….it should have been more: two shirts, one Phanatic, one lollipop and two baseballs.  It was the baseballs, she had only charged us for one.  We had already walked away from the store but we had to go back.  It was 8 bucks and we had to do the right thing—especially since our kids were right there and this would be an example to them of what they should do in the future.


So turn around and walk all the way back.  The people were a bit shocked that we had come back.  We paid for the ball and started our trek back to our seats.

Then last night (Friday night) Brad and I were at the store in the self checkout line.  I looked down and there was cash in the bill dispenser: two twenties and two tens….yep…50 bucks!  I quickly picked it up and said “Oh my someone left a lot of cash here” while I handed it to the checkout guy that stands near the registers.  Once again he was a bit shocked.

So, honesty can be costly but it is priceless.


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