Perfectly Imperfect


I was chatting with one of my daughters last week and she said maybe I should get another daughter as there were many others that were perfect and she was not.

Well, we had to stop right there and talk about that!

I shared with her that no one was perfect.  That others around might seem like they have it all together but often we hide things from people and don’t take the mask off.  I told her that I loved her just the way she was and reminded her that sometimes I didn’t like what she did but I always loved her and will continue to.

It got me thinking though about perfection and then….God in his humor allowed several things to go not so perfect for me over the weekend.

So in the interest of full disclosure I have to admit—I only post the recipes that work or tell you the hints and tips that lead me to be successful….I leave out those things that aren’t as pretty!

Here is an example of some imperfect things happening in my kitchen:

This last weekend was Brad’s birthday.  It was a crazy weekend with all day auditions for him, a concert on Sunday (his birthday) and then the girls had dance dress rehearsal during the concert time–fun birthday.

I wanted to try to have dinner for him when he got home from the concert and also a birthday dessert.  For Mother’s Day he got me a chocolate cake from one of our favorite bakeries.  I put me in emphasis as those that know me well know that chocolate isn’t my first love, but I do enjoy this cake an it was fun to have on a special day.  But we were tired of cake and he told me not to get him a cake for his birthday.  So now I needed to come up with something else to prepare.

He had written down a Amish Peanut Butter Cream Pie recipe years ago and I had never made them.  I wanted to surprise him so I didn’t make the pies until Sunday afternoon while he was still at the concert.  Well, the pudding mixture began to thicken so I put it in the pie shell and let it firm up, as the recipe said they would.  Now I had time to make the sauce for my enchiladas (which I had prepared on Saturday night) and get them in the oven.

The enchiladas were wonderful and then it was time for dessert.

The pies were still runny—hardly thick at all. (Imperfect!)

Fortunately the youth orchestra had celebrated Brad’s birthday with playing Happy Birthday for him and having three huge birthday cakes (wish we could have been there).  Brad brought home the remainder of one cake so we had that instead.

Later that night I checked the pies again….still not firm.  Brad had a late snack of more enchiladas and I made some nachos—then off to bed.

The next morning- there are the enchiladas sitting right beside where I had also been preparing my nachos.  No more leftovers for us.  (Imperfect!)

The pies were still not firm but we turned that frown upside down and had some wonderful peanut butter milkshakes!  (perfect!)

So there you have it—The only thing I’m perfect at is being imperfect!


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