Our Morning Routine


A few weeks ago I posted about a webinar I attended where I learned some tips and tricks for getting the mornings off to a better start.  It was spring break and not a great time to start a school-morning routine.  The next few weeks I eased Child #1 into a routine without talking to her about it.  It went kind of like this:

  1. Feet on the floor by 7:30
  2. Dressed, Bed Made, PJs put away and upstairs by 7:50 (report in and let me know you are done).
  3. Breakfast, Brush teeth, Brush Hair, Backpack, Teeth, Devotional reading by 8:10
  4. Out the door for the bus at 8:15

It was going well.  Then this week, I saw a light on in her room during the school day so I made my way into her room to turn it off.  The bed was not made and her PJs were not up.  I chose not to talk to her about it until bedtime.  At that point I applied something else I learned in the webinar…a way to approach it, rather than scolding I asked how to help…it sounded something like this:

“So today I came in your room to turn a light off and guess what I noticed…yep, your bed was not made and your PJs were still out….whoops!  What can I do to help you remember the things you need to accomplish in the morning? (Silence and a shrug) What about a list? (to which her face lit up and she quickly jotted down a list)

Her list?  She totally knew everything she needed to do.  So already, I know she can remember it and now we just need to make it a routine.

I did add something to her list–a wildcard and a prayer/blessing.

The wildcard is something that I will ask her to do at 8:10 or before is she is ready.  It might be to help me empty the dishwasher, or practice a song on the piano.  It could be to go over her spelling words—anything!  I just wanted her to know to be expecting something else.

The prayer/blessing is a time for us to just read a scripture and set the tone for the day.  She liked this when we did it last week and wanted to make sure we had it on her list.

I am trying to make sure I build in margin to my morning so I can help her be successful.

We have good days and not so good days but I’m happy to say that our mornings have gotten a LOT better.  I’m not harping and saying things over and over and that helps everyone be in a better mood to start the day.  I’m already mulling over what the summer morning routine will need to be.


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  1. Love this! It is very similar to our morning routine. I have never considered a summer routine before, I think it could be a good idea. Have I mentioned that I love your blog?? Well I love it!!

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