Yep….9.  9 is the number around our house lately.  Child #1 had a birthday recently and she turned nine.  So in honor of her 9th year, here are nine things that are on my mind tonight.

  1. I have wonderful parents!  They flew up to be a part of Em’s baptism and while here helped redo our 1/2 bath.  Goodbye 1980s wallpaper, hello brown paint!!
  2. I have no spare time lately—hence the very few posts in the last weeks, sorry.  I’ve hardly cooked and when I have it has been my old standbys- Taco Soup, spaghetti, corn dogs and Ranch style beans….
  3. I’m trying to capture time with my girls in this hurried life.  The quote that propels me to capture time, ” Mom, I’m 9….I’m almost in middle school”  (and, uh…no you aren’t)
  4. I can’t believe I let Em ride her bike to piano tonight.  She was very excited to take my cell phone for her trip around the corner.
  5. I love PA in the Spring….come on Spring.  Today was so nice.
  6. Different personalities- it is amazing to watch my girls and see how they respond to the same thing in different ways.
  7. I sure did enjoy my cup of spiced tea with my 9 year old this evening and our time on the back deck.
  8. Will Heather actually sleep through the night?  She fell asleep at 5:45 and hasn’t woken up yet……
  9. I love my new living room rug!  After four years we finally found one that we both liked and could afford

So there you have it.  Nine random thoughts.

Now, I have to go tuck that 9-year-old in.


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  1. “Kudos” to you for capturing the time!!! It is a really busy time of year. That encourages me to “capture” it as well x 4.

  2. So happy for the post! Emily is not, I repeat, not almost in middle school thank you very much!! ; ) I also love seeing how each of my children respond to the same thing. It always takes me by surprise! Thanks for the list.

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