I have a bone to pick with Oprah


So my tag line for this blog is “Recipes for the table and for life” so this would be on of those “life recipes”…..

The other night, Brad and I were watching Nightline.  It was the evening that Barbara Walters had interviewed Oprah and they were replaying pieces from the interview.  I guess they figured if we were still up at 11:30 that we weren’t home to watch the interview earlier, they were right.

In the interview Oprah talked about her relationship with Stedman Graham.  She said that one day she was talking with some friends and said that if she and Stedman had gotten married that they would be divorced by now- to which Stedman jumped in and agreed with her.  Barbara asked why that would be and Oprah thought about it and then said that in marriage there are lots of expectations.  I could not believe that; I think she has it all wrong.  I think in a dating relationship there are expectations and in a marriage there is lots of forgiveness.

Marriage is a commitment.  When you commit to something or someone there will be days when it is easy to fulfill your commitment and days when it is not—but you are committed, there is no getting out of it.  With a marriage commitment I think there must be lots of communication, time taken to remember why you fell in love, and like I said—-LOTS of forgiveness.

OK, I just had to get that off my chest.  I figured when I was talking about it with friends from my college days in a dream last night, that I really needed to verbalize my disagreement with the Queen of Daytime.


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  1. I happened to see the actual interview and was very surprised and somewhat saddened by Oprah’s response…wondered what that was about.

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