Travel Agent or Tour Guide


I picked up a book while I was in Texas this September that I absolutely love!  It is called Parenting Beyond Your Capacity and is written by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof.  There are so many things in this book that made me say…wow, yes, ouch, cool…. You get the picture.

Well, I thought just as I share recipes for your table….I will share some recipes from life that I’ve picked up out of this book.

Tonight I was going back through and typing out all the quotes that I have marked in the book- well started typing, there are a lot and I do need to get to bed soon.  When I got to page 71 I saw my noted jotted at the top- Travel Agent vs Tour Guide.  The authors shared the thoughts of ministry leader Heather Zempel in Washington DC:

“A travel agent sits behind a desk and makes arrangements and gives directions.

A tour guide walks along with the traveler, answering questions and prompting conversation along the way.”

Which are you? Which do you want more of in your child’s life?

I want to be the tour guide but so many times I find myself being the travel agent.

Which one do you think has a bigger impact on a traveler?

Have you traveled every path? No, that is why it is important for parents to widen the circle of influence.  To find other adults with similar beliefs and values that can play a role in your kids lives.  There will be paths that will be walked that you won’t be expert on, but another adult can help.  There will be roads that our kids don’t want to share with us but will be willing to share with another trusted adult.

How are you making your circle wider?

Will you send the itinerary and say happy travels or will you walk the path with your child?

Karen Platt reminded us at Moms4Moms today that we have to be intentional in our parenting.  We need to know the route or the journey will be harder than necessary.

I’m going to take some time this week to look at the map and see what route I want for my kids.  I am so glad that God wants to partner with me and be my tour guide on this journey of parenting!


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  1. Wow! That book sounds amazing. I too fall into travel agent even when I am thinking I want to be a tour guide. This does seem to go hand in hand with what Karen shared. I need to be intentional in the direction and destination while taking my children by the hand and “touring” with them through the journey. I am so thankful for the Ultimate Tour Guide- and awesome friends that help along the way!!!

    Thanks Becki!

    • Linda, I was thinking about it and both a travel agent and a tour guide are intentional….but the journey for the traveler sure is different when someone who knows the path walks with them rather than handing them the plan and saying “bon voyage!”

      • So very true!! Love your site- it is so…. oh whats the word….. beneficial!! Keep up the good work.

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