On Sale this Week!


I noticed that some of my favorite items are on sale this week at various places.  I thought I would let those that are local know so you can swipe up the items for yourself, if you so desire.

Target has Ro-Tel on sale for 89 cents.  That is a great price.  Buy up a few so you have them for those Tex-Mex dishes.  I’m making King Ranch Chicken later this week and will be using some Ro-Tel myself.

Giant has V-8 Fusion on sale for $2.50.  V-8 Fusion is a great way to get the daily dose of vegetables.  I only like to buy 100% juice but this time we did buy one of the new V-8 Fusion Teas.  It is 50% juice and green tea.  We cracked it open for after school snack time and both of my girls liked it.

Giant also has Snack Mix (Formerly known as Party Mix) in the Cheez-it line of products.  We love this at our house but I try only to buy it when it is $2.50Note that I am NOT happy that the box shrunk in size in the last few months….but I know the price won’t shrink in proportion and since we love it so…..I keep buying it.


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