How was your Family Day Dinner?


I had been thinking about Monday’s dinner for several days.  I knew what I was going to make and it was more of an effort for a night when Brad won’t be joining us at the table.  He works most evenings and so our Family Day Dinner would be whoever was home at the time.  I was pumped and ready to chat with my girls and “do all the right things”.  Then it happened….LIFE.

It is kind of like one of my favorite principals said about teaching school—it would be great if it weren’t for the kids and the parents (of course now I AM a parent to one of the kids….but I still understand what he was saying).  Parenting would be easy if it weren’t for the kids!!!  When we get to live in our own dreamworld, it is easy.  Then Life happens and throws us all kinds of curve balls.

That is what Monday was for me.  It started the moment my girls got off the bus and it didn’t stop.  Well, it had actually started earlier in the day with other things building the tension in the air.

All that to say. We had dinner as a family, but there wasn’t a lot of “bonding” going on.  I did try to put on a smile and ask about their days, but it wasn’t the dinner I had envisioned.  How many times does that happen in our lives?  We have a picture of what it “should” be like and reality is so different.  Why does it still surprise me?

As I got ready for bed, one of the last things I said before turning off the light was “tomorrow is a new day” and immediately the song phrase “Morning by Morning new Mercies I see” came to mind.  I had to say, “thank you Lord for the reminder that YOU are in control and each day you give me the opportunity to serve you again, with a new day.”

I am so thankful that I didn’t “miss” Family Day.  We have it multiple times a week.  Dinner as a family is a priority at our house…we don’t need a National Day to make the time to eat together.

I do hope your dinner atmosphere was better than mine on Monday….but if it wasn’t- don’t fret, tomorrow is a new day!


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  1. We had our traditional breakfast for dinner on Monday night. We started this to help us remember the child we sponser in Timbuktu by eating cheap that night and praying for them. ( it is an easy first meal of the week that I don’t have to plan much for) It also makes for a pleasant dinner because everyone likes breakfast foods. I had planned to check out the link for games but forgot, of course.

    So many of my dinners get messed up by Life….especially when life includes 6 people’s days and moods and boo boos. Sometimes by dinner I am just tired and irritable. It really helps me to have a game or topic planned….then I really look forward to it…instead of being angry that some people don’t like what I have slaved over. 😀

    • Love your Monday night dinner focus. That is great. Sounds like something you could share about easy ways to incorporate missions into family thinking and life.

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