Round Two with Santa Fe Rice Pilaf


So today, my handsome fella was home for lunch and he made quesadillas for us.  He used the Santa Fe Rice Pilaf from Wednesday dinner to make our quesadillas a bit more filling than just cheese and jalapenos.  What a great use for leftovers.

BTW- just so you know….I am the cook in the family and my husband is the chef.  I follow recipes….he creates from the pantry.  My philosophy is that if you can read you can cook….creating your own recipes is a whole different realm!

So 99% of the  recipes I put up here come from somewhere else.  I try to give credit when I know for sure who gave me the recipe or where I picked it up from.  Also I read somewhere that if you alter 3 things in a recipe it then becomes “your recipe” 😉


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