First Day


We FINALLY had the first day of school at our house.  My girls have been itching to go to school. We did pictures in the morning and then Brad had to get off to work before the girls got on the bus.  It was nice to start the year off all together in the driveway—putting our best foot forward!

By the time H got on the afternoon kindergarten bus, I think she had thought about going to school so much that the novelty of it actually happening had worn off and it was old hat to her!  Seriously, she got on the bus like a pro.  I was a tad sentimental on my walk home from the bus stop but then got over it by the time I hit the driveway.

So a few posts ago I asked what you did to make back to school a special time.  I told you I was going to make a cake and that we would have some sort of special dinner.  My girls wanted pancakes so we did that and had sausage too.  Since I was home (read as home and not having to work at my part-time job) I was able to make the batter before the girls got home so I could just focus on them.  Kids so crave our attention when they get home.  It is easy for me to try to get on to the next item of the day without taking time just to sit and listen and interact with them.

So I made sure I had everything ready early on so 4-4:30 was just for them.  Then at 4:30 I got started with dinner so we could eat as a family before Brad left at 5:30 for Youth Orchestra.

My pancakes aren’t a secret recipe or anything…just straight off the box.  However, I add applesauce and cinnamon (from the box directions too!).  They are so yummy and I have determined that I don’t care for plain pancakes anymore.

Then we  add fruit.  Tonight we had raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.

Next you have to have Cabot’s Whipped Cream.  I can find it at Trader Joe’s.

Then the Simply Orange Juice is some of the best.  Luckily it was on sale at Target this week so I picked some up for our First Day Dinner.

We finished dinner off with the cake I made to celebrate Heather’s entry into school.

I did get the girls some bubble bath and scented bath spray, but I’m saving that for tomorrow night.  So all in all, a good first day of school.  I highly recommend taking the day off if you are a working Mom.  My neighbor was my example for this as she did it last year and I thought she was onto something…she was.  Loved my day and it wasn’t rushed or harried in any way.


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  1. Love this post. So much rings true for me also. As difficult as it can be I try to just be available during that time after school. Yay Heather- hope everyday is just as easy and enjoyable.

    • Thanks Linda! Heather’s second day seemed to be just as easy and enjoyable too. I will have to tell you about the 3 B’s (since you aren’t on facebook) ask me about those on Sunday!
      BTW- I got the pictures I wanted up- ….there is more than one way to skin a cat!

  2. You’re amazing with all of that! Love the pictures. I also try really hard to be free for about 30-45min. after school to have a snack with them and just be present…very hard for me to stop what I am doing…I have to plan for it….but I love it.

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