How do you make the first day of school special?


So my kids don’t start back until after Labor Day and I’m beginning to ponder how I can make the first day or the first week back a good one for them.  Em has already hinted at various foods she wants in her lunchbox on the first day (a peach, a “Mimi’s-house” cookie, etc…) and then I was reading an online magazine article and it talked about getting special soaps for bath time (thinking about that one) or they had suggested other things that are elaborate  and crazy AND not in this Mom’s budget.

But it did get me to thinking….what can I do to make back to school special.  As adults we like to be slightly pampered when the schedule changes for us, why wouldn’t we also do it for our kids?

I had already planned to make a special “Heather Goes to School” Cake to have for dessert on that first night.  And I think I will get some fun bath soap or scented spray for each of my girls as a fun little “relaxing” gift.  But I’m asking you to share your ideas for how you make the first day and that first week back to school a special one.

Now don’t panic, it isn’t hard to put a comment in.  Just click on “leave a comment” found at the bottom of this post and put in your info and your comment.  If it is your first time to leave a comment then I will get an email asking me to “moderate” it and once I approve it, then it will appear.  You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want us to know it is really you!  😉

And don’t think…”well, none of my kids are in school so I can’t comment.”  No way….you have ideas—share them.  What would you do to make that first week back a special time if you had a child in school.

Share with us!  Thanks 🙂


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  1. I love the idea of fun soap and/or a scent spray- wonder if I can get my boys to agree to that one?:)

    We will usually have lunch out after that first half day of school. Nothing fancy just fast food which they love. We will sit and everyone gets to tell who was in their class, what they loved about their new teacher or teachers and every year they need to tell us the name of at least one new person in their class.

    We also had a special dinner this year before school started. It was kind of a “good-bye summer” “hello school year” dinner. We talked about our favorite things we did, fun memories and what we would like to do again next summer.

    Great post Becki!

  2. Hmmm…Linda, I wonder what would be the equivalent for boys? Soap on a rope???

    My Mom used to have us all go outside and say goodbye to summer….literally.
    Thanks for adding to the conversation!

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