Dinner Games


Many of you are familiar with my “family dinner” soapbox that I often stand on and shout from the rooftops.  It is such an important thing to do but I won’t bore you with all the data and rationale…this time 😉

Since the “how was your day?”, “tell me one good thing and one bummer thing” can get old…we try to mix it up with the help of some dinner games.  I bought the Family Dinner Games box and it has all kinds of fun ideas for us to do at dinner to mix it up and make our time kind of fun.  Because, let’s face it, at the end of the day most of the time my brain is fried and I can’t think of these things on my own!

So I thought for my post today I would share with you a few of the games we played tonight.  The first one was called a “situational challenge” and it posed a question and then everyone had to give their answer on what they would do in that particular situation.

Virtual Hide and Seek was a fun one, and we thought even harder than real hide and seek.  Everyone remains seated and the one who is “it” thinks of an actual hiding place somewhere in the house(meaning you could physically hide there…so no “in the cookie jar” answers) and virtually hides.  Then everyone at the table has three guesses each to find where he or she could be hiding.  The first person to find the hider gets to hide during the next round.  If no one finds the hider after 3 rounds of guesses, he or she gets to pick the next person to “hide”.  We had great fun with this one.

However Time for Tunes took the cake.  This one was right up our family’s alley.  In this game one person hums a melody and the others try to name the tune. The first one to get it right goes next.

Interested in getting some family dinner games?

Visit www.ftfgames.com/index.php


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