Just Do It


Yes, the Nike slogan made this phrase famous.  I still can’t say it without thinking of that little swoosh on the side of my shoes back in high school.

This week I had the opportunity to do several things that would help others.  Yes, I did lots of things this week that probably helped others but these are those things where you think, “I should do x” and then you realize that doing “x” will take extra time and energy.  No one is expecting you to do “x” so no one will be the wiser if you don’t do “x”.  It doesn’t matter what my “x” items were.  I’m not writing about this to get kuddos or “atta girls” from y’all.  I want you to follow those little voices that prompt you to expend some extra energy to help someone.

I often rationalize it away saying things like “oh, she probably has something already planned” or “they may think I’m weird” and when I do….I rob that person of a blessing and myself the joy of serving/helping/bringing joy to others.

So this week when you hear that little voice inside saying “ya know, you should do x”…Just Do It!


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