Throw-down meals


We rolled into town last night about 9:00.  It was perfect timing- all the fireworks viewers had made it to their locations and were anxiously awaiting the show while we boogied down 452 to get home before it started and all those viewers were back on the streets.

We unloaded the van, cracked the AC in the house down, and then stood in the kitchen thinking that all important thought……WHAT can we eat for dinner?????

Yes, I know I said it was 9 at night, but we had stayed at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast in TN so with a big breakfast we had a late lunch around 3:45 and thus we weren’t ready for dinner until we got home- you know….to the kitchen that we left eleven days before.  I was so glad that we love nachos and tortellini.  We quickly threw some nachos together for an appetizer while the tortellini was boiling.  Now I could have added some canned veges and fruit to round out the meal but I didn’t.  Instead I just threw some olive oil, parmesan cheese and italian seasoning on the tortellini and Brad and I ate while enjoying the replay of all the Fourth of July festivities on various channels.

Then we headed for bed.  It was nice to be back in my own bed but it was even nicer to sleep until 9 AM 🙂  I think we slept Sunday night as long as we drove on Sunday.

I guess it is time to plan the menu for the week.  I will have to post that once I get it ready.  This is the time of year I can cook those things the girls wouldn’t like since it will just be Brad and I for a while at home.  I feel some spicy dinners and lots of veges in my near future!


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