Food in the South


Well, I don’t have any great recipes to share with you tonight but I have concluded that the food is much better in the South than North of the Mason-Dixon line.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some good places up north to eat BUT there are just more places in the south.  We were very excited to see a Sonic right next to our hotel on Thursday.  Then we were able to enjoy a rib sampler plate at Sticky Fingers that night.  That day was just a prelude to the family gatherings we would have this weekend. 

Saturday we had BBQ at the Smith house.  Chopped Beef is my favorite and there was plenty for lunch and then again for a late dinner.  Sunday was the Giese family day.  We were all at church together which was such a neat thing.  We packed the pew from one end to the other and sounded pretty good on all the singing too!  I loved that my best friend from high school was also home visiting and sat right behind me.  The theme for the day for this gathering was Fried Shrimp.  My Mom has the best batter recipe and then my brothers did the frying in their fryers.  We had 10 pounds of shrimp for 10 adults and 3 kids.  I think there was about a pound or so left over.

Now, Tex-Mex is the next food to get.  Brad and I can’t decide how to get our favorites in.  I think we will have to have appetizers at one place- to get the salsa we love and then move to another place to get the entrees we love.


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