Leftovers, Listening, and Letting Go

Yes, this was my weekend in a nutshell.

Leftovers: Friday, we did indeed eat at the pool and we had a wonderful evening of just being together.  So on Saturday we had “leftovers”- well we went back to the pool for more fun.  It was great to visit with my friends and just let the kids play.  Now THAT is the kind of thing I could do everyday, that is the sort of leftover I like!  At 4:40 I looked at the clock and asked my friend, wearing a VERY cute swimsuit 😉 , to verify the time- I was hoping I was reading it wrong….we had 20 minutes to pack up and get to the airport to pick up my handsome fella!  Whoops!  Too much of a good thing- we quickly left and he didn’t have to wait too long.

It is great to have him home again.  He and I shared the leftover Quick and Cheesy Pasta dish that I made for the girls on Thursday.  Is it considered “leftovers” if Brad had not yet had it once? hmmmm…..

Listening: Friday, I realized that everywhere I turned around I was seeing Jeremiah 29:11 staring back at me, “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord…”  Then my devotional that day was about Peter walking on the water and getting distracted by all the waves and circumstances rather than staying focused on Jesus.  I could hear God saying to me, “Trust me, I have a plan”  Now, what is that plan?  I don’t know.  I’m trying to listen.  I know His plan is best so I desire to follow it, but he doesn’t usually write it out on the wall in front of me, so I will continue to listen, ask, and focus on Him.

Another fun “listening” part of my weekend was sitting on the side deck with the Emster listening to her ipod.  One earbud in her ear and the other in mine.  Some of her favs are “Somewhere Between Jesus and John Wayne”, The VeggieTales “Cheeseburger” song and anything from Annie.  It was nice to just hang with her—she is growing up, which leads me to:

Letting Go:  I’ve decided that those people that write Kids Cookbooks and talk about cooking with their own kids don’t have control issues (like I do)!  I decided to make a Brownie Tart for Brad for Father’s Day.  It was out of one of our pre-children-cookbooks that I hardly crack open anymore.  But it looked good and fairly easy.  So I decided if my “Queen of Banana Bread” friend had an 11 inch tart pan with removable bottom, then I had found the dessert for Sunday.  Well, of course the Queen had not only an 11 but also a 9 inch!  So Saturday night the girls and I started to prepare the crust together.  I had to realize I was trying too hard to hold onto the process.  I needed to let them actually help me if I asked them to help.

Em really took to the task of pressing out the crust.  She actually took instruction and then I stepped back and let her do it.  Heather pressed down every once in a while, but Em got the job done.  It was fun to watch her.  They went to bed and I worked on the brownie part. Then Sunday morning we finished with drizzling white chocolate over top.  Once again I decided to let go and just let her do it.  She even came up with the idea of adding a white chocolate dipped strawberry in the center.  She was so proud when her Daddy bragged on how nice it looked.

Fathers Day Dessert

Oh so yummy!

It was a good weekend.   Two more half days of school for the Emster and then I have a third grader and kindergartner living in my house.  How can that be?  I know the future will hold

  • a lot more of the same old-same old, leftovers of daily living.
  • a ton of listening to hear what my kids are really saying and needing from me and a TON of listening to my Heavenly Father to help me be the mother they need me to be and to just walk this path of life He has called me to walk.
  • and much more letting go than I care to admit.

Be watching for the next recipe: Road Trip!


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